Quick Post: On being in a limbo


Hey my invisible readers,

So I have to be honest. I haven’t really been feeling like writing in this blog mostly because I feel like shit. Yes, I feel terrible. This aren’t new feelings and neither are they abnormal according to psychological studies on unemployed people’s wellness (and this article).  Nor am I suffering from a lack of inspiration: I have so many ideas for blogposts and so much to share out there.

I feel that what is blocking me from writing is whether my feelings are valid. As you may have guessed from my previous posts some of my closest friends have not finished their studies yet and therefore, are somewhat oblivious to the pain of unemployment. There is a person, let’s call her Adeline, who found a job in two weeks– a corporate job in two weeks– who therefore, feels qualified to dole out advice. Mind you she found this job within two weeks of finishing classes. Not even graduation. Just classes.  All of these factors beg the question: “Am I normal?” Is it just that I am not trying hard enough? Why is it that I simultaneously seek and dread the word, “networking.”

I know that it is often recommended not to compare oneself to others, yet, part of me thinks that it is inevitable; we have been compared to each other since we are children. Who has the best toy? Who is the brightest? Who is the cutest? etc etc etc. Unemployment removed my points of references and the whole “have you found a job yet?” is an inadequate goalpost because one can progress in their search without scoring the holy grail of contracts.

Anyways, this post was about everything and nothing. I just wanted to mention why I am not as motivated to write.

That’s it from me, xox. S


3 thoughts on “Quick Post: On being in a limbo

  1. Advice can be offered genuinely but it’s often the LAST thing job seekers (or anyone, ever) need. Only you know what you need to do, and how best to do it. It’s totally normal for these things to take time… even lots and lots of time!

    “Unemployment removed my points of references and the whole “have you found a job yet?” is an inadequate goalpost because one can progress in their search without scoring the holy grail of contracts.”

    Yes! You know you’re making progress :). Keep at it! I like the phrase “two steps forward, one step back”; very apropos of pretty much everything in life.

  2. Hey you. I hear ya. I hated meeting old friend/classmates after graduation because I dreaded the words “So what do you do now?” or “Where do you work” or even better, “DO you work?” Shudder.

    Fake it til you make it.

    Fill your time with hobbies and self-improvement projects. Keep moving forward! Keep looking for a job and don’t let your insecurities or a bad interview get you down. Shit happens. You’re better than that.

    If you want a set of eyes on your resume, give me a shout. I’d be glad to help a fellow confused twentysomething out.

  3. Hey Jennifer and Twentysomething Annecdotes,
    Thank you so much for replying! It really made my day. I will try my best to persevere and if I ever feel down, I will make sure to read your comments. Watch out twentysomethingannecdotes, I might shoot over my resume 🙂

    Just thanks, people. Thanks 🙂

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